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30 Under 30 is the Radio Academy’s annual search for the brightest young talent from across the radio and audio industry, which is proudly sponsored by ReelWorld.

The competition has been going for a number of years, and attracts an increasingly diverse range of nominations from many sectors of our industry. After meticulous judging of all the entires, a new selection of 30 people - all of whom are under 30 - is announced each year. The list includes the current and future stars of the radio and audio industry...

Anthony Gay
European Managing Director, ReelWorld Productions

This is the fourth year that ReelWorld have supported the 30 Under 30 initiative and we’re more optimistic than ever about the industry’s future. Our passion and enthusiasm for radio extends beyond our audio branding and it’s a huge honour to acknowledge those talented individuals that make the list.

A word we use a lot these days is authenticity. Audiences demand it from their presenters and content as much as they expect it in their jingles and imaging. In a time of fake news and social media overload, radio has an opportunity to cut through the noise and engage people in a unique and trusted way. Elsewhere it has the power to create a mood or instantly trigger emotions.

Earlier this year at a European conference we shared our belief in the power of sound. I suggested that some of radio’s heritage strengths have been hijacked by emerging media platforms - they see something in radio that I wonder if some of us working in the medium for a long time have forgotten or view as out dated.

I’m excited to see what 'stand out' talents, perspectives, and creativity the class of 2017 will bring to the future of this industry we all love. People are the asset that will help radio continue to be relevant and I am already looking forward to seeing this year’s entries and being genuinely inspired about the future. Bring it on!

Anthony Gay

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