It's Absolute-ly the Magic-al Tony Moorey

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Posted by Nicci Holliday on 28th June 2016

It's Absolute-ly the Magic-al Tony Moorey

Tony Moorey, Content Director at Absolute and Magic Radio in conversation with the Radio Academy's Nicci Holliday on content creativity and how you've got to be bold to be the best in the latest "Bossing It"...

So, it's fair to say that I am already a fan of Absolute Radio, and talking to Tony Moorey, I think I now know why. I mean, I know I love the music, love the creativity of the output and presenters like Christian, Frank and Jason always make me laugh. But, now I really get it - I am a "reluctant adult" and the reason that the station speaks to me is because the content is driven by a real understanding and genuine warmth for the Absolute audience. Catching up with Tony gave me insight and a peak at the creative culture that drives the services, the challenges and the joy. Have a listen and I hope that you Absolute-ly love it (sorry - will stop with the Absolute puns now!)

With thanks to the Jenna for facilitating, Tony for his time, John Reynolds for technical support and Kevin Satizabal Carrascal for the final edit.